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10.12.15 - 10.16.15

Tech Updates!

Hi Everyone!

Here are your updates this week:

1. The librarians and I went to the MORENet Conference last week in St. Louis. We're in the process of compiling our resources, so look for that soon. I also need to give a shout-out to Tracy Evans. During the conference, Tracy was showing me a resource on her iPad. She told me, "I'm making the choice to use it and get to know it even if it's taking me a while to do it." That's the right kind of attitude to have. She's made the conscious choice to use the device so she can get better with it and feel more confident with it. Make the conscious decision this week to use your devices in a new and perhaps uncomfortable way. It may not work out the way you want it to, and that's okay. You're learning!

2. Jeff wants you to know that you can organize your H:// drive folder however you like. If you want to reorganize it so it makes more sense to you instead of Desktop, My Documents, Favorites, etc. you can do that. That way, if you have files from your H:// drive that you use frequently, you can create a folder called Frequently Used Files and click and drag folders into it. Jeff also said be sure not to drag anything into the trash can icon, and you'll be fine moving things around.

3. If your students are learning with technology, I encourage you to post to the website about it. We want to show the community the benefits incorporating the technology has for our students. Before you post, be sure to check the list of students with no media release. It's also always a good idea to request the students' permission before you post any of their final products. That way, we model appropriate social media sharing for our kids. Let's flood the website with our learning with technology posts!

4. If you'd like to know more about your MacBook, I'll be in the library of your building next week 7:30-8 and 3:30-4. Come ask questions and learn quick tips for using your MacBook more efficiently.

As always, let me know how I can support you in our technology adventures!


Tech Tips!

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Search Other Locations Using Finder

When you use Finder to search for files, the default search is This Mac. You can search other locations by typing the name of the file you want to search in the search bar, then by clicking the location you want to search. If you want to search your H:// drive, click Shared.

Here are some other tricks to help find your files quickly:

I recommend adding the Path Bar to Finder. It helps me know exactly where I'm at within my file system. The above link will give you instructions on how to do it.

Make Sure You're in Central Time in Calendar!

Google Calendar has several options for Central Time in Google Calendar. If you're in Central Time - Tegucigalpa or Central Time - Regina, your calendar will actually be an hour ahead of what it should be. Google Calendar automatically adds and shares an event in the time zone of your calendar, so if I create an event in Central Time at 3, your Google Calendar with Central Time - Tegucigalpa will post the event at 4.

To be sure you're in the right Central Time:

1. Go to your Google Calendar

2. Click the gear in the upper right corner.

3. Choose Settings.

4. Find Time Zone.

5. If it's Central Time - Tegucigalpa, click the drop down menu to change it to Central Time.

Add Your H:// Drive to Your Favorites!

Documents on your MacBook is different from My Documents in your H:// Drive. If you've chosen Documents as your default save location in programs like Word or Notebook, be sure to select those files and then click and drag them into your H:// Drive to back them up. You can also add your H:// Drive folder to your favorites so you can select it when saving in other programs. Here's how:

1. Click on your H:// Drive folder on your desktop.

2. Log in to the H:// Drive.

3. Open Finder.

4. In the sidebar, find and click Server 3.

5. Click Teachers$.

6. Find your folder.

7. Click and drag your folder to the sidebar under the favorites heading. You should see a blue line with white circles on the ends.

8. When you see that line, unclick. It should add your folder to your favorites.

If you'd like help setting this up, come to MacBook time next week and we'll add it to your MacBook!

Website of the Week!

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Sign Up Genius!

With Parent-Teacher conferences coming up, you'll want an easy way of scheduling those conferences. I recommend Unlike Google Appointment Slots, Sign Up Genius doesn't require having an account to schedule an appointment. You just have to create your account, then create your sign up with the dates and times available. Then, you send the link to your parents, and they can go to your sign up and choose any available time. Sign Up Genius is what I used to sign everyone up for the device rollout this summer.

Sign Up Genius is great for volunteers for events too! I used it with my Link Crew Leaders at Lindbergh when I needed them to sign up to participate at Freshman Transition event. You could also use it for tryouts, auditions, parent volunteers for school events, etc! It's free and simple to use!

Tech Try of the Week!

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In my personal life, I use Facebook and Instagram. In my professional life, I am all about Twitter! It's a great way to find resources, make connections with other educators, communicate with students and teachers, and share the great happenings in our district.

Twitter is an awesome tool for your classroom. For example, my friend Kevin (@kevinozar) who teaches ELA in MI uses Twitter as an integral part of his class and extracurricular sponsorship. He tweets resources for students, announcements, and links to curriculum connections. When he's gone for the day, he asks students to tweet their progress to him, so throughout the day, he can answer questions and see where students are struggling. He also frequently posts videos and photos of the great things his kids are doing at his school.

Twitter isn't just about posting; it's also about having a conversation! Hashtags are used to connect like topics, so by clicking a hashtag, you'll see a stream of all tweets with that hashtag. Every Thursday at 9 pm, you can chat with other Missouri Educators (@moedchat) by following #moedchat. Each week, it's moderated by a different educator with a different topic. This Thursday, chat along with other MO educators about Innovations in Assessment.

You can follow me on Twitter at @EdTechCR6, and you can follow Mr. Ford at @SuptCR6. If you tweet about great things in your classroom, use #cr6tech or #cr6best so we can see it!

If you're not sure about Twitter, your Tech Try of the Week is to read through these resources: Guide to Using Twitter in Your Teaching Practice, 60 Inspiring Examples of Twitter in the Classroom, and 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom. If you love Twitter as much as I do, your Tech Try is to tweet out something awesome that is happening in your classroom using our district hashtags. I can't wait to see your tweets!

Upcoming Learning Opportunities!

Spotlight On...

Liz Sims!

This week, I want to put the spotlight on two teachers using social media as a learning tool. First up, Liz Sims! Liz teaches ELA at CHS, and she wanted a way to engage her students with her content. She knew her kids love SnapChat, and she realized that SnapChat would be a great way to learn vocabulary. Liz gave her students the vocabulary list, and then students had to create a quick Snapchat picture or video that would teach the other students the word. Students then sent the words to Liz and each other. Click on the video below to see "demeanor". Finding a way to use SnapChat in the classroom - nicely done, Liz!
SnapChat Vocabulary - Demeanor

Ginia Gowin!

Ginia Gowin wanted to create a website for her students as a place where her students could go to get information about her class. Not sure as to what site to use, Ginia presented her 7th grade leadership class students with the question. Her students said Instagram would be best because her students would check it all the time. Ginia and her students set up the private account, crafting and sending a letter to parents explaining the use of social media for their class. The students choose and post the content too, modeling appropriate social media use by asking each student if they can use put their picture on Instagram. High five to Ginia and her 7th grade leadership students!
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Don't Forget - Back Up Your H:// Drive!

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