Health/Fitness Apps

By: Montana Coffey, LeAnna Garner, and Meirong Gao


For our project, we chose to review a selection of health/fitness apps. Our favorites were MapMyRun, Daily Workouts, and My Fitness Pal.

Each of our Apps!

All of these Apps are very useful and helpful to get you in shape!

Map my run

Map My Run is a workout app that is available in the Apple app store, this app has a built in GPS on it so it can tell you where you are running and places you can run. If you have no clue where there is to run and what course would be good for you, Map My Run gives you tons of options to choose from in your area. It also has music built into the app so you can listen to music while you run. It tells you your current pace and how many carlories you burn, it also tells you how long you have been running for. If you like to know how you do on your run it saves each of your workouts so you can know if you did better or worse from the last time. This app is useful for all ages anyone would enjoy this app. If you're looking to get in shape and start running this is the app for you. The routes that Map My Run gives you is very convenient because if you only have 10 min to run then it can give you a route that only takes that long. If you want to take your time and you have all day then you can pick a route for that also. Some cons for this app could be that it doesn't apply to anyone that has a dissablility and you can't listen to your own music it has to be whatver the app has.
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Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts is a workout app available in the Apple app store, Windows app store, and Amazon for Android. The app allows you to choose the type of workout you're looking for, as well as the time frame you want to complete it in. You can choose a specific part of the body to focus on, or you can go with the full-body workout. The app has a ton of cool features, like it's ability to play your iPod music during the workout, while automatically adjusting the volume low enough to hear the timer and the trainer's voice. Once the workout has started, you have the option to pause or stop it. This app is great for busy moms and students, made possible by the convenient time selections (10 min., 20 min., or 30 min.). Also perfect for anyone involved in sports. Daily Workouts is definitely something to try if your looking to tone your muscles or lose some weight. Some cons of this app may be that it's not designed for anyone with disabilities. The exercises would be difficult for anyone with an injury. The words are also sort of small, so if you have trouble seeing, it may be hard to read.
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MyFitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is an app available for Apple, Windows, and Android devices. The app is designed to help you plan a diet and count your calories. With the food diary, you can keep count of what you eat, when you eat it, and this will greatly help you in losing some weight. Not only does this app help you keep up with the food you eat, but it also doubles as a step tracker, and gives an option to track your exercises as well. The app has some interesting features. It gives you an option to connect with other devices to motivate your friends, and includes charts and graphs to inspire you. My Fitness Pal is perfect for anyone who diets best with a diary to keep up with everything. This is something that can be really helpful if you're looking to diet without the stress. Cons of this app might be that, after an update, you may lose some things and they change a lot of features.
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