The Swiffer Sweeper

Jocelyn Mitchell

About the product

If you haven't heard about the swiffer sweeper than you've been missing out. It's all anyone's talking about.

There are two clothes that come with this amazing floor mop a dry and a wet cloth. The dry cloth specifically targets dirt, dust, and hair, while the wet cloth dizzolves dirt and grime and traps it awatgiving you an amazing clean.

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Why Swiffer is the best choice

It is the 2-in-1 hard surface sweeping and mopping tool. It has 360 swivel head which makes it easier to move around so you get in tight spots. Also has an easy to grip handle. Another thing is it has cloth grippers which helps keep the pad in place.

The Floor Mop Starter Kit includes: 7 dry clothes and 3 wet clothes. Also if you were to compare Swiffer to other products such as Bona. Its proved swiffer is easier to manuver than it would be to manuver a Bona product.