Ancient India Innovations

The Grid System, The Number System, and 0

By Gabby and Noor

The Grid System: Ancient Indians started building their civilization with blocks that were divided by a grid of straight streets, laid out in perfect right angle. This is one reason why Ancient India was a strong and organized civilization.
The Number System: Although the numerals we use today are called Arabic Numerals, they actually originate from Ancient India. Ancient Indians also invented a certain systems that we use today, some of them are the decimal system, algebra, square roots, and cubed roots. The success of Indian mathematics was mainly due to the fact that Indians had a clear conception of the abstract number. Although the numbers we use toady come from India, many things have drastically changed. But many things have stayed the same and today we can thank the Ancient Indians for the many systems we use during math.
The Number 0: Indian mathematicians' biggest contribution was the use of zero as a placeholder, to make it easier to add and multiply numbers. Our word "zero" comes from the sunskrit word meaning "nothing." Chinese Mathamatics had already been using a blank space to mean "zero" for several hundred years, but the Indians created the empty circle to be clearer.