The basics of Jordan

Jordan was founded in the year of 1946. It located within the Middle East, and also Northwest of Saudi Arabia. It's climate consist of mainly dry, hot, arid summers, but it's winters are rather moist,cool, and pleasant.

Currently Trending in Jordan

The mysterious Erg

It appeared as a normal day for San Wain. Get up, eat breakfast, then go look for treasure in the desert. Everything was going like a normal day, then San saw a unusual Erg. Now he knew that Erg's were huge areas of shifting sand-dunes. But unless like others, this one was small. So he walked over on top of it, and before he knew it he was suffocating on sand! He then was pulled out by neighboring friend Jin Wu. Wu claimed that the Erg figuratively swallowed San instantly.

Silt Prices on the Rise

Most people in Jordan have probably noticed the recent climb in prices of silt. It is due to the current drought happening in the neighboring country,Syria. Jar Bo, a local,daily silt buyer said," This recent climb in silt prices has lead to less crops this year. We hope and pray that this horrible drought will end". Local weather reporters have claimed the drought will end with the freak storm heading their way.


Recent stock prices have shown that exports in Jordan, clothing and petroleum, have seemed to be falling. I lead my search to the Jordan Street Stock to find the cause of all these declines. Upon arriving we were happily invited in for our questions to be answered. First we asked the women's name who would be answering our question. They said it was confidential. So we continued on to our last question, why are exports in Jordan falling. Their reply was nothing other than our most common cause of stock market crashes, laziness. We then were asked to leave so they could get back to work. We then continued on writing about Jordan.

Where are We?

Surprisingly while on our visit to Jordan, a lot of people didn't know where we where located. The best answer most could say was "On Earth",or "Umm...The U.S.?". So we went to the University of Blahueran and went to talk to Dr. Henoe. He sat there and pondered after we asked the question, and after about two minutes replied "You are among the first to ask". He then also said "After many years of thinking, I've discovered we live in Jordan. Also located in the Middle East". He then served us a rather pleasant super, then guided us to our hotel,and left.

Local Jordan Weather

It appears that we will have a rather dry, arid summer like our normal climate. Along with that we appear to have a typically cool, moist, nice winter and fall. So get out there and enjoy the weather.