Culture in the 1920's


Reading was a very popular activity but even more so during the winter months because there wasn't as many other activities. Before the radio and television printed papers were the only way to gain knowledge of the worlds. Magazines contained pictures to entertain the readers. Inside the magazines were cooking recipes, interior design tips, biographies, fashion, and advertisement. Children story books like "The Little Red Hen" and "Little Black Sombo" were popular with the children. Investing in a home library was a good thing too do because it was where most of their knowledge came from.


Silent movies were very popular in the 1920's. People who lived in towns of 5000 or more had movie theaters built in the city. Canadians enjoyed a diversity of talent and people. Some famous stars are Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Mary Pickford, and Clara Bow. Theaters presented stage and vaudeville but when the movies with voices arrived, they quickly disappeared, and movies with voices were what was in.


For men the main change of dress for them was to get out of the Victorian garb and military jackets that they wore, into something else. The suits that they wore were often neutral in colour however the creamy colours signified wealth. The 1920's was a huge impact for the way women dressed. Flappers were women in the 1920's who wore short skirts, bobbed their head up and down listened to Jazz. They became out of the normal people, however the changed the way women dressed; from really long skirts to shorter ones. The picture underneath shows a flapper on a ship.
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