What all they can do!

The Positives

Pros for students:

  • infinite number of web-based texts and resources at their fingertips
  • dynamic web based applications

Pros for teachers:

  • cloud storage for student data and samples
  • can provide quick classroom management via computer instead of calling out students and drawing attention to inappropriate behavior

Pros for everyone:

  • holds charge for 8+ hours = no safety hazards with chords!!!
  • Automatically saves in Google Docs = no lost work and NO EXCUSES

The Negatives


  • Some software cannot be installed on the Chromebooks
  • Must have a strong internet connection and network to utilize online programs; however Google apps can work without internet

Useful Resources/Apps

NETS for students

This site provides a list of recommended sites and applets that can be utilized in the classroom. They are broken down via subject.


Is an app that allows teachers to provide classroom management via technology to their students.


Within this resource, teachers can:

  • share their screen with their students
  • monitor and interact with student screens
  • block websites/internet
  • student surveys
  • and much much more!

Why Should I Include Chromebooks in my Blended Classroom?

Chromebooks open up many resources to supplement our students' learning. With access to the internet, there are now an infinite number of interactive resources open to our students instead of just the knowledge and skills that we provide them. Through these resources we can provide our students with the individualized education that they deserve whether it is enrichment materials or building basic skills.

Chromebooks allow for individualized education plans/paths because teachers can easily assign different paths to students. All students have their own username and password which teachers can assign plans/paths to.

Chromebooks are inexpensive and can be cost effective for schools. Chromebooks also allow the Google apps to be downloaded and utilized offline when the internet is down throughout the school.

Chromebooks in the Classroom | Engadget Show 44

How to Use Chromebooks in a Lesson Plan

Chromebooks would be an excellent station if using the Rotation Model of Blended Learning. For instance, students can complete enrichment exercises or practice skills depending on their individual learning level. I would assign each of my students a task to complete when they are at the Chromebook station. I may have some students working on Zondle while others are working on PARCC assessment sample questions to enrich their learning.