Straight to the Ace • Poker Room

1-2 NL Holdem' min 60.00 max 300.00 buy-in

What's the DEAL? Saturday's offers and events:

Food and Beverages
  • Free pizza
  • Free soda/bottled water
  • Free snacks (chips, desserts etc.)
  • $1 coronas and various beers
  • $2 mixed drinks

Offers and Events

1. $1,500 GTD progressive FREE-ROLL

  • Log in 40 hours and earn a seat. The jackpot starts at 1,500 (100% house funded)
  • A percent of the rake will be contributed to the jackpot weekly.
  • We are estimating that the jackpot will be somewhere around 2,500
  • The tournament will run once nine players have logged 40 hours
  • Seats to the tournament can be purchased for $180. This price will increase as the jackpot does

2. Refer a friend

  • Bring one friend receive $20, two/$50 three/$80

3. $50 After Party (hands revealed)

  • Every 4 hours one hand will be dealt face up and the winner will receive $50 of house money (you must have played for at least 3 hours that night.)

4. Max buy-in bonus

  • Sit down with max buy-in and receive 5 free drink coupons