Weekly Update from Room 003!


A Busy Week!

We had a busy week filled with fun and learning! We had time for our usual routines but we also had several special events, which made the week extra exciting!

Math-Elapsed Time

This week we've been working on strategies for solving problems involving time. Figuring out how much time has passed is a complex skill and everyone is using great strategies to solve the problems we've been doing. We are starting to collect some of the strategies on a class Padlet so that we can refer to this as the problems become more complex. You can see a photo of some of the strategies we used below or you can access the padlet for a closer look with this link. (http://padlet.com/Franki/elapsedtime)

Big image

Learning About Revision in Writers' Workshop

We continue to learn about ways to make our writing better. Last week, we watched a video from writing expert, Ruth Ayres where she taught us about 4 revision choices. This week, we build on that as we thought about revising as we go (instead of waiting until our draft is finished--which can be overwhelming). You can watch the video below if you are interested in the 4 ways that writers revise.
4 Revision Choices

A Gift from the Dublin AM Rotary Club

Last week, the Dublin AM Rotary Club visited Indian Run to give every 3rd grader a dictionary. Dr. Hoadley also talked to the kids during this assembly.
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Testing Reminder

Third grade students will participate in the statewide reading test next week. This test is made up of two parts, both 90 minutes in length. Students will take part 1 on Tuesday, December 8 and part 2 of Wednesday, December 9. Statewide tests measure whether students are meeting new, higher academic standards and mastering the knowledge and skills that they need to progress in their education. The district will share results with parents once they are received.

Upcoming Dates

Next 2 weeks--BOOK FAIR!

December 8 and 9--3rd Grade Testing

December 11--Books and Breakfast (8:30 drop off for those who signed up!)

December 18--Holiday Party

December 21-January 1 Winter Break

Save the Date

January 13--Family Night!