Lampman Ledger

#7, Spring Edition

Spring Fever

Greetings Room 210 families!! My, my how time flies when you're having fun! Can you believe spring is finally here? We had a cold long winter, but we were busy learning lots. With the spring and warm weather here we are excited about all the fun things to come. As we finish up our last marking period of 2nd grade, the students of Room 210 will blossom and bloom into Tatem 3rd graders!!1
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Journey's Lesson 22 - Gloria Who Might be My Best Friend

Last cycle the children read a short story entitled, Gloria Who Might be My Best Friend, from the book The Stories Julian Tells. The students focused on:

Comprehension: students studied how to understand characters better by identifying behaviors, actions, and dialogue.

Word Study: students studied homophones and their meanings and usage

Grammar: students studied adjectives and their usage

Please click HERE to view Lesson 22 Home Letter.

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Journey's Lesson 23 - The Goat in the Rug

As we finish this cycle we will be wrapping our studies with our current main selection entitled Goat in the Rug. It is the story of Geraldine the goat, and Glenmae, a Navajo weaver. One day, Glenmae decides to weave Geraldine into a rug. First Geraldine is clipped. Then her wool is spun into fine, strong yarn. Finally, Glenmae weaves the wool on her loom. They reader learns, along with Geraldine, about the care and pride involved in the weaving of a Navajo rug -- and about cooperation between friends.

The students focused on:

Comprehension: Readers draw conclusions about characters by using details from the text

Word Study: Students studied words with suffixes -ly, -y, and -ful

Grammar: irregular verbs of being

Please click HERE to read the Lesson 23 Home Letter.


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Journeys -Next Cycle - Lesson 24 - Half-Chicken by Alma Flor Ada

Starting on Thursday,May 7th, the students will begin studying the folktale entitled Half-Chicken. It is the bilingual retelling of a Spanish folktale, set in colonial Mexico. It explains the origins of weather vanes. A very unusual chicken with only one leg, one eye and one wing sets out to explore the world. His adventures take him far and wide, until at last he's carried straight to the top of a tower in this captivating tale of a vain little chick with a good heart.

The students will focus on:

Comprehension: Cause & Effect, How can one event in a story cause another to happen?

Word study: words with the prefixes -re and -un

Grammar: irregular action verbs

Please click HERE to read the Lesson 24 Home Letter.

Please click HERE to explore more about the author and our main selection.

Math Mania

The students have been busy studying Unit 10, Decimals & Place Value. Here the students are learning how to:

-record money values using the dollar sign and decimal point notation

-use a calculator as a tool to add and subtract money values

-estimate costs

-make change

As we finish up Unit 10, you can encourage your child to practice money skills by playing Change Maker or Counting Change.

Xtra Math. Org

The Students have all been registered for free and enrolled in the program Each student has their on log in codes and passwords. Here they can practice their math fact fluency both in school and at home. keeps track of their progress and mastery. Please encourage your child to log on to weekly and practice their math facts. Practice makes perfect!

Writer's at Work

At this year's Annual Open House, many of you got to see all the work we did with Opinion Writing. The students were engaged in nominated some of their favorite books for "best book awards". Our writers learned how to use elements of persuasive writing such as:

-Introducing your opinion with strong and convincing words

-give reasons, evidence, examples, and dialogue to make your opinion longer, stronger and convincing

-use quotations from the source

-using juicy words to persuade your audience

The students had fun writing and sharing their opinions!

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This month we will focus on Poetry. Students will learn to write with rhythm and feeling. Students will learn how to see the world through a "poet's eye". they will learn to look at ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

Please encourage your child to check-out and read poetry this month. What we read can inspire our writing!

Click HERE for a list of recommended Poetry books.

Cool Collaboration

Starting this month Room 210 will be collaborating with a HMHS environmental science students, Miss Mary and Miss Phoebe. The students will be joining our class once a week on Thursdays to teach us things about the environment. They will bring to our attention real world issues, help us work on a Tatem Garden, and get us thinking about how to love our planet. You can follow our journey with them by following us on twitter @MrsLampman and looking for the #tatemenvi.

Science Stars

We have been exploring Soils the past month in Science. Students have studied:

-how to set up a compost pile

-how to investigate and test different soils

- which soils are best for planting certain plant life.

-plant roots

We just planted cucumbers and will watch over the next coming weeks how they sprout and grow. I wonder which soil will prove to be the best??

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Field Trip Fun

Field trip season is here! This Friday, May 8th, the 2nd graders will be attending the 2015 International Children's Festival at the Annenberg Center in the heart of University of Pennsylvania. Here the children will get to experience the Annenberg's legacy of providing high-caliber performing arts to young audiences for over 30 years. The Children’s Festival was the first of its kind in the country, offering schools and families an easy and affordable way to experience the artistry of international performance and visual arts. Attracting more than 10,000 children and their families each year, the eagerly anticipated springtime tradition builds the arts and culture audiences of the future.

This year we will be attending the show performed the Pilobolus Dance Theater. This dance company combines contemporary dance, gymnastics, technology and playful props. Students will find out what happens when the wildly creative troupe Pilobolus Dance Theater takes the stage with physically daring movement and elaborately imaginative concepts. This Annenberg Center favorite is sure to amuse and inspire.

Please read the attached reminder letter HERE.

Click THERE to find out more about the Pilobolus Dance Theater.

Some Recent Guest Readers

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Upcoming Events

5/4-8: Teacher Appreciation Week and PARCC make ups

5/8: 2nd Grade Filed Trip to the International Children's Festival at the University of Pennsylvania - 9:00-2:00 pm - Annenberg Center

5/8: Ice Cream Social 6:00-8:00 pm

5/14: Interim Reports posted

5/22: 12:30 dismissal for students - Teacher Professional Development

5/25: Schools Closed - Memorial Day5/27: Band/Strings Concert - 7:30 - HMS