Tropical Rainforest

Paige Miller


The location of my biome is the northwest USA. They are found in temperate places like on coasts. Did you know that fifty seven percent of tropical rain forests are found in Latin America.


The average rainfall that my biome gets is about 50-260 inches of rainfall each year. With all of that rainfall the plants grow very well. So the rainfall is very successful so that means that the plant population is growing successfully.


The weather of the Tropical Rainforest is mostly hot and moist climate. The rain sometimes causes the streams and rivers to overflow and cause floods. Floods are not a good thing for the animals of the rainforest.
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Plants and animals

The rainforest is home to many plants and animals. Like the mimicking parrot and the poison dart frog. But there are plants in my biome also like the beautiful orchids and the lianas vine.

General description

The Tropical Rainforest's are a well developed area of trees. They are also home to many tropical plants and animals. With streams and rivers Like the one below.
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Ecological concerns and issues

The trees are being cut down and those trees are homes to the birds and things the

Things that live in them. The trees being cut down is bad for the animals living there. But the animals that are living there after the tree tha they live in is cut down there is no place for them to go without them having to move again.

Catastrophic events happening to tropical Rainforest's

The catastrophic events that happen to Rainforest's like fires droughts and storms happen at random and majoritys of the forests trees are damaged by these things. There is something that we can do to help the tropical rainforest like stop cutting down the trees in the rainforest.

The Parrot

The parrots can come in many colors like the reds, green,blue, and yellow. But they are found all over the world but they are mainly found in the tropical places. They can Ali be found in most of the tropical rain forests.

The poison dart frog

The poison dart frog also has many colors like red and black. But though the poison dart frog looks nice they are extremely dangerous to people and other animals. they look nice but the name says the whole story.

The butterflies

The butterflies in the tropical rainforest come in many colors. like the other animals I have talked to you about. But the butterflies in the rainforest have nothing to harm them in the rainforest so they can just fly wherever they want to.

The sugar glider

The sugar gliders are marsupials that can be found in the tropical rainforest. They can also be found in temperate areas. The sugar glider lives in trees and can fly very easily from tree to tree.

The tree frog

The tree frog unlike the poison dart frog isn't poisonous. It is not dangerous to humans like the poison dart frog is. So you can touch it and it won't harm you. The tree frogs love the trees you can tell by there name but they are cool to watch.

Plants of the tropical rainforest


The orchids are one of the many tropical flowers found in the tropical rainforest. They come in many colors like some of the animals do. But from my opinion I think that the orchids are the most prettiest flower in the tropical rainforest.

The Bromeliad plant

The bromeliad plant has two main colors on the plant those colors are pink and green. But the bromeliad plant is thick and has a bush like look but it has pettles like a regular flower. The bromeliad plant is has very pretty colors.