Cheerful Chavez

About Abigail Chavez

Abigail Chavez is the only girl in her family. Abigail was born on April,22, 2003 She has two brothers named Eddie and Julian, her parents are Eduardo and Monica Chavez. That is her family.

She was the only girl in her whole family until she met Stephanie. Stephanie is her cousin, they have been together since they met each other. She is one year younger than her cousin.


She has a total of 6 dogs named Oso , Blacky , Lola , Panda , Nala , Hersey .

My Hero

Abigail Chavez's hero(s) are her friends because they help her in everything. They are always there for her on her good days and bad days.They never let her down they worry about her when she is not there. They have been with her since 4th grade and are still friends since then.

my friends, cousin and my brothers

Favorite Music

Her favorite song is Count On Me because she knows her friends are always going to be there when she need help . They are never going to let her down even if they are mad with her .Bruno Mars is one of her favorite singer when she was little .When she heard the song she remember of her friends . Every time that she heard the song she start singing or it takes back to her old memories with her friends .
Count On Me - Bruno Mars Lyrics


Gems " Gems is my second home because I'm always here with the ones I love my friends are my sisters and my teachers are my parents" Gems stands for Garcia Enrique Middle School.


Her favorite toy is monopoly because she like to play with her family .Her favorite show to watch is Modern Family because that is one show her family watch together when ever is on .She like her phone because she can contact the people she love and know what is happening around her.

Favorite Quality

What she likes about her self is her personality she is unique and doesn't care what other people think about her.She is nice and friendly with others .