Stable Matting Uk

Stable Mats Uk

Build the Right Stable, Buy the Right Product for Your Affectionate Horse

It is important to give the utmost comfort to your lovable pets. While taking care of horses, stable mat is as important as the horse food. It is seen that the use of good quality horse mats are ignored by owners and hence, organising awareness camps is one of the main targets of the environment activists. Stable matting made in UK is a focus area of discussion in academic as well as non-academic programmes. Use of stable matting can reduce injury of horses.

In a stable, the horses should be kept in a safe and comfortable environment so that they are able to move at ease. The surface of the matting varies enormously, thus the owner should know the extent of grip made by his horse. The varieties of stable matting are: rubber matting, EVA matting etc. Rubber matting is preferred by many people as it provides warmth to the horse and also makes the stable dust-free. The matting can be fixed permanently using adhesive or alternatively one can opt for a rubber floor. Another important point to be noted by the owner is to make a proper drainage system in the stable.

Maximum safety precautionary measures need to be taken care of before fitting any product in the stable. For moving the horse matting, another essential task is to gravel the entire floor of the barn. Next to this is the size of the stable for your horse. The owner has to be careful while buying the stable mat because an imperfect size mat may cause risk of injury. The size of such mats largely depends on the horse’s body length and height; for ponies, standard size is available in a number of retail shops.

Consider every important point before buying the stuff for the stable. There are number of retailers that deal in stable accessories in UK. You can either buy the standard size of these mats or the retailer can cut the selected mat according to the given measurement. Some stable mats are of hard wearing rubber tiles with interlocking edges. Along the stable mats, you can also buy horse mats, bedding mats, wall mat, walker safe, wall soft, safe step etc. for your pets. The online retailer shops are easier as you can view the detail information about the

mats by logging onto the website. The price varies depending on the individual tiles or as packs.

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