by Matthew and Jake

what is cannabis

Cannabis or marijuana comes from the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa). It grows wild in many of the tropical and temperate areas of the world, And is also grown by people.Cannabis is illigal in all states in Australia. it is used as a drug by smoking the leaves or in a water pipe/ (bong) or eaten (hash cookies).

treatment for cannabis users

Many people can use cannabis without developing serious problems and seem to be able to stop easily when they need to. Some people find it more difficult to cut down or quit when they want, the same as with other drugs such as alcohol. After some time, the user will find that they need to have a smoke to feel okay.

effects of cannabis.

short term effects

.a feeling of well being.

. talkativeness.

. drowsiness.

. loss of inhibitions (doing or saying things one usually wouldin't)

. bloodshot eyes.

long term effects

. dependence

. decreased memory and lerning abilities

. decreased motivation in areas such as study, work or concentration.


can cannabis cause violence?

Cannabis is less likely to cause violence than other

drugs such as alcohol or amphetamines. Cannabis

users who commit violent acts typically have a history

of violence before they first use the drug. During

cannabis withdrawal it is common to experience some

irritability, which, if not adequately managed, can be

associated with aggression.

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