đź’ŽEsmeralda Jaimesđź’Ž


My name is Esmeralda my full name is Esmeralda Jaimes Rabadan and I am 11 years old my birthday is May 13 I go to school at north junior high and I'm in 6th grade


I have four siblings two brothers and two sisters one of my brothers is 26 year old name is Frankie and the other one is 18 years old name Angle and My sister one of them is 28 years old name is Maria the other one is 20 years old name yesenia

What we do

Me and my family goes to the city on the weekend we go out shopping food and when we come back we have a fest while we drive we shop meat and other ingredients to make tacos de langua we usually make in the car my mother make them and give it to us to eat and we somtime shop bread but not like normal plain bread

Why my faimly is important to me

My faimly is important to me because there the ones that helps me though hard struggles and there the only family I have and they might be mean to but they always help me no matter what

Why other what to be part of this faimly

I think why other want to be in part of this faimly is my faimly is helpful there hilarious(sometime) and they will never give up on you no matter what

Why my faimly is different from other faimly

Why my faimly is different from other faimly is that my faimly might be mean but inside there pretty much nice and helpful there willing give a hand even though that person have been mean to them and threy help other people that struggle stuff like work food and other stuff