Fred Hoiberg

By: Eamon Reed

Why I Chose Fred

I chose Fred because he is a great example of someone who is strong, because he fought through his heart problems and became a successful basketball player. he is also a great example for someone who grew up in Iowa and wants to become an NBA player or NBA coach.

About Fred

Fred Hoiberg was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on October 15, 1972. He is currently 43 years of age. He went to Ames, Iowa for college, he went there for 4 years then was recruited to the Indiana Pacers. When he was recruited in 1995 he started his 10 year basketball career. in these 10 years of basketball he played for 3 different teams. he played for the Indiana Pacers for 4 years, then moved on to the Chicago Bulls for 4 years, eventually playing his final 2 years at the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Growing Up

Fred Hoiberg is the son of an Iowa State sociology professor (his father) and elementary teacher (mom), and received a degree in finance from ISU in 1995. When growing up in Ames he lived within walking distance from the ISU basketball arena, Hilton Coliseum. Before he became famous he was the quarterback for the Ames High school football team.

Coaching Career

Fred started coaching at Iowa State college, he led the team to 12 tournament championships. he just recently moved from the Iowa State team to coach the Chicago Bulls. He played for the bulls for 4 years out of his 10 year career.


Fred Hoiberg did a dance charity for people who have to suffer the same things he had to at the American Heart Association.

NBA Career

Fred played for 3 different teams like I said earlier. the three teams were the Bulls, the Timberwolves, and the Pacers. His average 3 point shooting was .4043, which is 40.43%.he only played for the Minnesota Timberwolves for the last 2 years of his career. He stopped his career because he had just had a successful surgery on his heart because he had an enlarged aortic root, so he did not play during the 2005-2006 season

family life

Fred Hoiberg is happily married to his wife Carol Hoiberg. he has 3 sons named Charlie, Sam, and Jack, and 1 daughter named Paige. him and his family of 6 live in a 3.9 million dollar mansion, the mansion has 6 rooms and a living room that can hold a whole basketball team and then some.

IB traits

I would say Fred is a risk taker, because he risked his heart problems to play basketball


"you can mark my word, I will play again"

"nothing's for sure, I just want to make sure that the situation makes sense"

Fun Facts

1. Fred was named Mr. Basketball for Iowa in 1991.

2. Fred had an average of 5.4 points per game and led the NBA 3 point percent in his last season.

3. Hoiberg was nicknamed "The Mayor" in his college years.

4. He is also the fastest coach to win 100 games in the college basketball league.

5.he was a ball boy for the Iowa State Cyclones in 1985.


How many children does Fred have and what are their names?

What is his wife's name?

What did his parents have for jobs?

How much did his house cost?

what sports did he play in high school, and what high school did he go to?