Marissa Harris

Family Member

My grandfather is an inspiration to me. He is an inspiration because he came from nothing, he literally came to America when he was about 18 years old and made a life for himself. He was born in Barbados but he wanted to live the American dream, which he did, he did not have an education and because of that he always tried harder and did more than others to reach his success. When he came to America he went to Cambridge Massachusetts and created the best life he could for his family. He inspires me to always work hard in school because he knows the true value of education. Because of his wisdom i have already gotten into 3 of the colleges i have applied to and have gotten scholarships from 2 of them.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a democrat running for president and he has many feminist views. My first impression of him was that he would be the ideal president because he see's the need for equality for everyone regardless of race, gender, religion etc. He has the means to make America better and i completely supported him from the very start. With Bernie Sanders running for president it makes me want to take a stand and advocate for those who experience inequality.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie followed in her parents footsteps and became an actress. She is the daughter of famous actor Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertnard. She is also an ambassador that goes over seas and spreads goodwill and aide to those in need. She was inspired by her parents to become and actress but she also was inspired by her core beliefs to do whats right and help those in need for her help.

Mr. Montroy

My teacher Matthew Montroy inspires me and has inspired me for the past year. He was my APUSH teacher last year and this year he is my Cold War Honors teacher. My first impression of him was that he truly enjoys his job and feels fulfilled doing it because it is what he feels he was meant to do, like he was in his element. I am inspired to defeat all odds against me and become something big, something amazing that i can truly say i accomplished based on my own ambition. Mr. Montroy makes me want to do this because it is what he did, nobody in his family had gone to college but he knew he was going to be different so he worked hard, got a football scholarship and eventually succeeded.


Nilou is my boss at starbucks and she inspires me. She was born in Iran and about 9 years her and her family were courageous and moved here. They knew enough English to get by but not enough to be considered fluent. She went through school and was able to maintain AB honor role. She then went to UNCC with a scholarship and graduated from the Belk School of Business. She is an inspiration to me because she was able to overcome so much adversity. I am inspired to always keep my head high and know that i can overcome anything, to never settle for less or settle at all.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States of America and he has a love for playing the saxophone. He credits his band teacher, Virgil Spurlin, as an inspiration and mentor for both of his achievements. Bill Clinton was born in Arkansas and married Hillary Clinton who is presently running for president. President Clinton was a democrat and was one of the best presidents this nation has ever had. Under his presidency our budget was not only balanced, but it was in surplus although his presidency is often tainted by his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Virgil Spurlin had such an impact on Bill that he consistently stayed in contact with him until Virgil's passing.

Mahatma Gandhi

I realized the importance of Gandhi when I actually sat down and goggled about him one day. I did this because i felt he was just one of those people that everyone knows about, even children, but not all actually truly know. I realized that he was an inspiration because he quite literally practiced what he preached. Gandhi was a lawyer who helped lead India to freedom from the tyrannical British rule through non-violent protests. Through Gandhi's actions and beliefs I stand by my beliefs and I am not ashamed to share them. I also believe in working things out verbally rather than physically because Mahatma was able to do so much peacefully I do not see why people have to be hurt to get the same outcome.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was the president of South Africa and was a Civil Rights activist all around the world, it would be hard not to consider him an inspiration. My first impression of Nelson Mandela was that he is an amazing man who is driven and has changed the world. I am inspired by this mad because he saw the unethical oppression forced upon the people of his country, he saw the pain, the torture,the hurt and he bound the people together to fight against the root of their troubles. Nelson Mandela fought the Man, won, and then he became the Man. But he redefined "The Man" for his people. Mandela inspires me to speak up when i feel i am being silenced, to never be silenced and to not give up because literally anything can be overcome.

Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas was apart of the Gymnast Olympic team in 2012. Previous to the Olympics, Douglas moved 1,200 miles away from her family to perfect her craft. At 16 years old she became the very first African American female to become an all around Olympic winner because of her gold metals from her team and individually. After winning the Olympics her fame was at an all time high, she even got to meet President Obama. Gabby however, does not credit her success to her strenuous work, but she credits it to God.
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Game Changer: Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson is someone that just about everyone in America knows and he is someone that i grew up hearing about. Jackie Robinson fits into my created category of "Game Changer" because his legacy and his actions opened so many doors for African Americans within the sports world. My first impression of him was that he was so brave and fearless for playing Major League Baseball as a black man. He inspires me to want to change the game. To do something innovative and change everyone's path, he makes me want to find a new way to reach a destination.
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Inspired by their Inspirations

I am truly inspired by all of the people that I have written about in this lesson. All of these people, from my Grandfather to Steve Jobs, are inspirations in their own rights. These people show that there is no one way to show that you are inspiring to others, to know that you are making an impact or even being acknowledged. But all of these Men and Women are inspirations because they had dreams and strong beliefs and they made sure to do something about, whether on a grand or small scale. No single of them are the same however, they each had their own backgrounds and each had their own motivating factors that took them to where they are or where they ended up. With all of these inspiring people as examples, I am going to believe in myself. I will believe in myself to take me where I am meant to be because that is what all of them did. Malala didn't mean to win the Nobel Peace Prize, my Grandfather didn't mean to become someone who lived the American Dream, but it happened. I am going to trust in my abilities to guide me, to let me speak my mind, to keep me well educated, to lead me to my own path to success.