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The internet can make even the longest distanced seem utterly inconsequential in many ways. The internet does not only make it easy to communicate with people all over the world but also very helpful when you want to search people search free public records online. There are many reasons why you may want to locate someone. You might be looking for your longtime friend, a college friend, or a former co-worker. You can also use the internet to find the owner and location of a phone number or email accounts that you do not recognize. Today the easiest way to do this is by searching online. Today let's look at the various ways on how to locate someone online.

Locating someone online

Currently, we are living in the information age where everybody leaves a digital trail. With Google, Tumbler, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media, it is likely that the person you are looking for has left some personal information online. The following tips will help you to locate them easily.

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How to find free public records for free no charge

Tips to finding someone online

1. Write down all the crucial information about the person you are trying to locate

The first step is to list all the information you know about the person. Looking for the person using their name only will give you thousands of similar names making it hard to go through all the names. You should make your search more targeted by including information such as full name, school attended, age, hobbies, nickname, old address, phone number, place of work and any other personal information.

2. Use Google, Yahoo, and other search engines

In the search engine type the person’s name and/or nickname. The search results will include multiple sources where the name is listed. Go through the names and note them down. To narrow down your search, you should vary the online search and include other details about the person. You can use the information as mentioned above such former workplace, hometown, high school, etc.

3. Use customized search engines designed to find people

Luckily, we have various websites that allow anyone to find public records on a person and perform people searches on any state. One of the advantages of using these websites is that they have vast databases that are dedicated to helping anyone to find someone online quickly. Instead of going through countless similar names in Google, these websites allow you to use filters to narrow your results when applicable. Some of the search engines designed for finding people includes and

Another place where you can use to locate a person is the Lost Trekkers. This website lets the user choose the country, mode of transport and leave the details in the relevant forum.

4. Locating someone by email

In case you are not successful using the search engines o it does not mean that you have to give up. Unfortunately, most novice internet users do not know where to go from here. If you happen to know the person's email, locating them is easy. You can do this simply by using an email locator. Email locators are websites that are designed to help you pinpoint the exact location where the email is coming from. Besides helping you to find a person you once knew, email locators are helpful in finding where the email is registered.

The websites will give you crucial information of the person including name and if you are lucky the address.

Email locator websites have many uses. Besides helping you to find the location of your internet pen pals, they can also help you to unmask spammers and other unwanted mailers. Additionally, they can also help you to know more about potential clients, online lobe interests, secret admirers and much more.

5. Search using cell phone number

This is another excellent way that you can find your friend, former coworker or someone who keeps calling you but you do not know them. Remember we are trying to help you to find a person online. This does not mean that you knew them before. One of the advantages of using the internet to locate people is that they will help you track down a friend or someone who keeps nagging you. For instance, If you find your spouse behaving suspiciously when picking a call from a number you are not familiar with, you can track down the individual to know whether they are cheating on you. Sounds good right?

You can track down a person online by simply searching the number on the search engine. If the person has ever listed the number anywhere on the internet, you are likely to find them. You can also use the reverse tracking service although it usually cost you money. The main advantage of using the reverse tracking phone number service is that you have a bigger chance of identifying the owner and location of the owner.

6. Use the online white pages

The online white pages are also great when it comes to helping you track down a person online. The directory has millions of names registered; boosting the chances of finding the individual, you are interested in. For you to find the individual you need to type the person’s name and any other relevant information. Although it will not give you the specific location of the individual, the online white pages will give you from all across the country. This is very useful especially if the individual has moved.

7. Search the social media sites

With various social media site including major ones such as Facebook and Twitter, it is very easy to locate someone online these days. Today some people specially request that their public profile not to appear in the search engine results. For this reason, you need to go straight to the social media sites. If you have already registered to the social media site that you feel that you are likely to find the individual you simply need to type the name and/or the nickname of the person you are targeting and wait for the results. You can also narrow down the results by including hometown, or school. Searching through each social media sites may be tiresome. For this reason, using a search engine such as will help you save a lot of time and energy as it helps you to search all the major social media sites simultaneously.

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Regardless of the reason in which you would like to search people free public records you are interested in, it is straightforward to do it online. You simply need to have basic information about the person, and you can leave all the hard work to the search engines. The main advantages of the above tips on how to locate someone online are that they are free. This means you do not have to hire someone else to search for you. Additionally using the tips will help you to find about anyone including locating a long lost relative, friend or getting to know someone before going on a date.