Just eat it!

McDonalds serving sizes

McDonalds has very good sizes for their food .We can put less fries in serving sizes because fries are not heathy for you .These fries include lots salt and oil which makes these unhealthy .Coke includes lots of sugar so we should take down the large cups for coke .Serving sizes for the fries should be smaller for the large and x-large cups.

See you at McDonalds!

McDonalds is a healthy place for kids and parents.The new healthy chicken wrap we would make would include many vegetables such as onions and tomatoes.We would fry the chicken less because frying chicken makes the wrap less healthier.We would put less salt in our healthy chicken wrap combo fries. In the chicken wrap combo,instead of drinking coke we would serve water.This is how we are going to make the healthy chicken wrap combo healthier.

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