Internet saftey

be safe online

why internet saftey is important

Internet safety is when you are protecting your personal information from predators. Internet safety is important because a predator can find personal information like your phone number, where you live and your house phone number. It is also important to sit your facebook and twitter to be privet because a predator can pretend to be someone he is not. That is why internet safety is important.
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1. Personal information that means do not put information without parents permission like your last name,Home phone, school name. your phone number.

2. Screen name when you are making your screen name do notput your name or date of birth.

3. Password don't share your password with anyone but your parents and when you are at a public place log out after you are finish on the computer.

4.Photos don't put any personal photos or videos online without your parents permission.

5. Online friends don't accept any friends online without your parents permission becuase not everyone is who they say they are.

6. Firewall Use a fire so hackers can't attack your computers