Jenni Riveria


Jenni Riveria

ok Jenni Riveria is a Mexican singer very famous . she had tv shows and songs and albumes . she had a big family who loved her excluding one of her daughters she was very mad at her for some reason

December 9,2012

so Jenni Riveria is going to Mote Ray , she takes a plain . then shes on the plain and they set down and supposly she gets shot and the plain crashes into something. it was a trchaty she died with her daughter mad at her. so when they found her body it was all messed up of coruse shes dead. but when they found put her up in a grave i geuss or made her into ashes. so when they anounced it to the whole tv they made a special show all bout her . they played all the shows she was in before she died i think it was an all day thing. and her daughter felt bad because her mother died without saying goodbye to her but we all forgive some time or another.

Jenni Riveria


Jenny Rivera tha Death part

she lived aliong time and she died old like most people not all