Battle of Jericho

by Sharon Draper

Jericho Prescott and two of his friends are flattered that they have been asked

to join an extracurricular school club called the “Warriors.” After all, these clubs

boost self-esteem, help develop friendships, and look good on college applications.

Already, Jericho has good friends, does okay in school and plays the trumpet. His

music teacher is talking about music school for him after high school. He seems to

have it all together so why join? Yet, Jericho has his insecurities-he could shed a

few pounds and would like to have a girlfriend. The guys should be thrilled when

they are asked to join and a cute girl has shown an interest in Jericho. Family and

community members think it is great that Jericho has been asked to join. Even his

uncle was a former Warrior. Why, then, does Jericho begin to feel uncomfortable

with this organization? As the boys get in deeper, they find there are hazing rituals, and disgusting, demeaning, and dangerous activities situations they must undergo. Read to discover what the guys do to become warriors. Is it worth it? - Mary Boyd (Retired librarian - IISD)


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