Information Technonolgy Careers

By: Shelby Singleton

10 IT Careers

  • Specialist - Information System Risk Management

  • Information Systems Analyst

  • Software Support Analyst

  • Enterprise Systems Application Administration

  • Systems Administration Technician

  • Information Technology Help Desk

  • MIS Manager

  • Integrated Data Management

  • Windows Systems Administrator

  • System Administrator

Systems Analyst - (Clinical IT Systems Support)

Description: Assist with the configuration, support, training and routine maintenance. Help with day to day support along with filing papers, cleaning up, and helping anyone who needs it.

Education: Associates or Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent working experience

Familiarity and working knowledge in the Healthcare IT field

3-5 years of relevant experience

Schools: Athens Tech, Tennessee Tech

Other Areas: You can take this career into any industry, especially farther into the medical industry.

3 Traits: Computer skills, time management, and social skills

Education: any school with a healthcare and technology department

Salary: $55,002.00 per year

Career Path: in this career you can continue to go up higher positions in the workplace, like head of your department

Outlook: In the future this job is in high demand and will be needed in the future.

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