Cameras Are Powerful

Ryan R.==========================


I believe we should have cameras because if someone is being bad the cameras will record the video so the owner of the shop/or building will know,It helps you know if trouble is outside and inside,and most of all safety inside and outside.One reason I believe we need cameras is so they will catch bad people. For example, Boston bombers were caught on camera so the police knew where they were going and who they were.


Although,I believe we should have cameras because safety. Also,because if someone is being bad police/other security we see what’s happening. I especially believe we should have cameras because safety outside and inside. Most of all for example, Also,there are a lot of bad people that do stuff that isn't right. Finally,people every day are going bad things like stealing,robbing,and doing bad stuff in the world.


This is Ryan the author and illustrator I'm just saying hi to the people reading.

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