Electrical Products Repairers

Do it for your country.


Career name Electrical Products Repairers

Daily Activities (What someone in the career does each day)

  • Inspect and repair electric instruments, such as voltmeters

  • Inspect and repair electrical, medical, and dental equipment

  • Maintain and repair portable electric tools, such as saws and drills

  • Maintain, test, and repair electric motors in many kinds of machines, such as lathes, pumps, office machines, and appliances

Physical demands Normal color vision is required to work with color-coded wiring

Special requirements Helpful school subjects include math, electricity, and shop mechanics

Work environment

  • Ability to use tools

  • Interest in electric motors and appliances

  • Interest in solving problems

Yearly wages (pay) Pay depends mainly on rank or grade as well as length of service. Bonuses and the situation in which the person is serving (for example: flight duty, sea duty, hazardous duty) also affect pay. To learn more, check out Wages in About the Military.

Civilian counterpart (if any)

Civilian electrical products repairers work in many industries, including hospitals, manufacturing firms, and governmental agencies. They also work in independent repair shops. They perform duties similar to military electrical products repairers. They may be called electric tool repairers, electrical instrument repairs, electromedical equipment repairers, or electric motor repairers.

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