Friday Focus

Friday, May 20, 2016

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Slow Your Roll

We can do this, one more week!


1. Everyone is stressed, choose your words carefully. No need to hurt feelings or burn bridges with staff members because one of your students is making all of the wrong decisions.

2. You will finish your grades. This time next week, you'll be done and relaxing! You may have to put in some longer hours, but that's just part of the gig.

3. Don't let the students have power over your emotions. Remember, you only have them 5 more days and the ISS room can only accommodate so many.

4. Try doing learning activities that are fun. If they're having fun doing what you want them to do, we call that a win.

5. The best way to reduce problematic behaviors is to supervise students at all times. Stepping out to grab a copy, coke, ask a question, talk to a buddy, sends the message that anything goes. And then anything goes.

6. Reduce things that you can control that you already know stress you out. Make copies the day before so you aren't running around trying to frantically make copies right before the day starts. Be prepared. Lay out your clothes for the week. Whatever triggers your anxiety, plan ahead to reduce it.

7. Remember that everyone is carrying their own stress baggage, try not to drop yours off at their front door.

8. Smile, laugh, go out of your way to be nice. It does the heart good.

We've had an amazing year and I'm looking forward to next year. You've put in the work, we just need to finish strong while keeping our sanity intact. Besides, you'll end up on the news if you don't.


5/20 – Track and Field day – 6th grade/(LONG shorts if you’re wearing shorts)

5/21 – LAST Saturday School

5/23 –Track and Field day – 5th Grade/Grades Due

5/24 – Jeans/ Back up Track and Field day – 6th Grade

5/25 - Jeans/EKGs on campus/ARDs

5/26 – Jeans – EKGs on campus

5/27 – Awards assemblies /parties/Early Release

5/30 – Memorial Day – off

5/31 – Report at 8:30/Lunch on campus/Load bus at 12:40 to head to JH for District gathering

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