Stargirl by Braeden Rieck

Theme-Never judge a person by how they do something or act

My favorite part

My favorite part was the end. It was a very good cliff hanger and makes me want to read more.

Figurative language


At the school of Mica High everything is preety much normally until Stargirl Caraway comes.She is soooo wierd and outrageous. She sings you happy birthday, gives you stuff , and cheers for the other team at gtames. But there is a boy named Leo and he has a crush on her.    But when they start dating everything backfires and nobody is talking to them. So one day Leo tells Stargirl to change, so she does, but it backfires again and so she changes back to stargirl but moves to Minnesota and noboby sees her ever again.


Stargirl-She is full of surprises and is out going   Leo-He is like everbody else and is to himself.

Strong verbs

Riegn-It shows he is the leader   Old timers-It shows that the person ts old   Narrow-It shows she zooms in  Invalding-It shows to  tresspassss  printed-It shows to run as fast as you can.


Stargirl-Speneli 15,16, and17 21,23,and27