Grassland biome

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The vitals

The Location

For the most part the grasslands are in North America, Asia, and Africa. Its has less than noraml to normal amounts of rain depending on where you are at. It is sunny and usually hot

the climate

Grassland's Climate

There are many types of grasslands in the world from like trpoical and dry grasslands. But most grasslands have a warm moist enviroment. The mean of tempature in the grasslands is 20 degrees F. in January and 70 degrees F. in July, The average annual year rainfall is 10-30 inches.

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Types of plants and how they adapted

There are millions of different types of plants in the Savannah from the sea to the mountains, but the main plants that grows in the grassland is grasses (who would guess). They adapted by being low to the ground and blades of grass sprout from the base of the plant. This means they can be stepped on without dyeing. Also there are these herbs called the milkweed. It has a white poisonous sap and can grow to 3 inches. The seeds have a silky tuft of hair with helps them be brought down like paper falling in the air
Another grass is the Big bluestem grass. They usually grown in large areas covered only by bluestem grasses. The grass has very deep roots so this keeps the wind that always blows in the grasslands from blowing the dirt away. Also there is the Purple Coneflower. This plant has had some anti-bacterial properties found in its extracts. It gets the immune system of the body going by using these things called Macro-phages.

Purple Coneflower:


The Grasslands has Many Animals

The grasslands has many animals including:

-Red-tailed Hawk

-Eastern Cottontail (rabbit)

-Manarch larva & butterfly

-Red fox


-Savannah Sparrow

-henslow's sparrow (Endagered)

-Garter Sanke (Endagered)

How animals adapted

Many animals have adapted to the grassland biome to live a better life. Some animals like bison have big broad flat teeth. Most animals have front legs and paws so they can burrow into the grass. Some animals have adapted nocturnally (being active during life). The colors of most animals blend in with plant life so they have a better chance of survival

Extra information

Grass lands are considered a "transitional" biome. Meaning they are mostly found in between forests and deserts. If they got any more rain they would be considered a forest, if they got any less they would be a desert