Margam, South Wales


After a rousing wakeup with a chorus of 'Morning Has Broken' from the teaching staff the students shuffled down to breakfast, before returning to clean their rooms and pack.

At 9:30 they arrived at the classroom for their lesson half asleep, in order to begin their first session on annotating photos for river features and completing field sketches of various sights on the river.

We had a great time over the last 5 days, gathered a lot of data and got very wet.

Mr Everington is en route to collect us.

Mr Pope's Gallery


Today's tasks have been compiled by Maisie Richardson (Year 10)

Photograph Annotation

We got given five photo's of each site that we visited throughout the two days of collecting data. Each photo had to be annotated with features that would affect the efficiency, velocity etc. such as large bedload, meanders and other factors.

Field Sketch

Site 4 wasn't given to us so we had to draw it, our artistic skills are definitely not on point! I'm pretty sure none of our sketches look similar in any way but being able to draw it meant that we good make certain geographical features more prominent making it easier to label. So in some ways our highly inaccurate sketches gave us a lot more to write about in terms of our methodology.

GE Graph

I never knew Google Earth could be so complicated! Usually if anything, I'm looking up my own house or somewhere I'd like to go on an holiday but no. Using the software to look at the path of the River Ogmore then putting in our data to create 3D graphs using GE Maps. Most of us spent our time picking the colour scheme but other than that, the work is done!

Thanks for reading GEOG-BLOG this week! We hope you've enjoyed it.