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Week of April 11

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

Testing begins! Be certain you are familiar with the schedule, rules, laptops, etc. Any questions, please send to John Bailey. Thanks John and Kyle for all your hard work preparing us.

Item #1 - State Testing Update: (link includes dates, schedules)

Link to the Nagel State Testing One Stop

Item # 2 - Morning Computer Support

Please sign up on the linked Google Doc prior to your team's day.

Morning Support - Room 236 for anyone who wants to come

OTM - Room 132 - 8th grade during 1st period

OTM - Room 247 - 7th grade during 7th period

Item #3 - Important Schedule Needed

For the next 4 weeks of testing, we would greatly appreciate you sending your team schedule to By providing your class order (i.e. 5,6,7,4), team schedule (block schedule/2 period 8:25-9:25), etc, the front office will be able to reduce interruptions to your classrooms when trying to locate students. If you have it planned out for the week and can send that, it would be greatly appreciated.

Item #4 - Forest Hills 5K

Thanks for registering! If you missed that opportunity, here is it one more time. Remember NO CHARGE to you! We need 6 more people to register and we can win the lunch!


Item #5 - BLUE SOAR Cards

SOARing through AIR!--State Test Celebration
PLEASE really promote the soar cards for positive behavior regarding testing. Students will know if their teachers do not pass out soar cards as their team celebration bucket will not be full!

SOARing through AIR

Item #6 - Mark your calendar

At our April 27 staff meeting, Scot Prebles, our new superintendent will be here to hold a SWOT meeting. He is encouraging ALL of you to attend as he is wanting to hear from you. The meeting will begin at 2:30.

Item #7 - OMLA Conference October 27-28

Attention those who enjoy 'showing what you know'! The Ohio Middle Level Association Annual Conference is going to be in Cincinnati this year! They are looking for presenters. Let me know if you are interested in presenting so I can give you more details. Presenter requests are due soon.

Item #8 - Safety

It's Tornado Season! Please review your Tornado procedures with classes.

We're also due for another ALICE Drill. Please take a moment early this week to review ALICE procedures for a BARRICADE scenario (unable to leave the room).

Item #9 - PBA #3

Please make sure you are scoring PBA #3 for the identified subset of student you identified on PBA #2. Scores for PBA #3 should be entered into your Team Data Document (where you have typically been entering these scores). Please complete this by 4/15 by the end of the day (this is a week extension). Please let Danielle know if you need support in this process. Achievers will be discussing data from PBAs during the May Achievers meeting.

Item #10 - CONGRATS!

To Chad, JT, Jamie and their students for cleaning house at the Golden Lion Film Festival. Be certain to take a moment to read the email Chad sent to all of you. Once again Nagel GOES BIG!!

Item #11 - Keep Going Big!

I hope all of you will join me in supporting Cookie as she embarks on a new experience this summer. Sarah will be going on a mission trip to Guatemala to empower at-risk kids through art! In order for her to spread her greatness, she is collecting any donations that you might like to offer. She has also left some art items in the kitchenette you are welcome to have for any donation you are able to leave. There is a can in Jodie's office where you can contribute. If you prefer you can write a check to Athentikos with I Am Art and put Sarah's name on the memo line. Thanks Sarah for spreading your talents!

Item #12 - NEW Entrance

We just received word that our new entrance is open for business. So beginning tomorrow the front entrance will operate as follows:

* Original front door will be open as always until 7:30 AM

* New front door will be unlocked at 7:30 AM

* All visitors to the building will enter NEW entrance until 2:30 PM when old door is unlocked

* We would like for students who are sent to the front office to enter by Gaye's old desk

(single glass door).

* Gaye and Cheri will be covering the new door entrance desk area.

* If you are traveling teacher, you will need to enter the NEW door during the day to sign in. It is for your safety we know you are back in our building.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Item #13 - New STW Shirt

Remember tomorrow is our day to all wear our new STW shirts and jeans! Let's set the tone for the kids to show what they know and be great!

January-May Nagel Middle School Timeline




11 - Testing begins. Please see schedule.

12 - Regular CAT

13 - Achievers @ 2:30

14 - Team 7-3 Field Trip to River

19 - Team 7-2 Field Trip to River

20 - WEB Coordinator Meeting

21 - 6th to 7th Transition Night @ 7:00

23 - Cheer Clinic

27 - Staff Meeting @ 2:30 with Scot Prebles


Tech Bytes

All Air Testing devices will be in 7th Grade Classroom on Monday morning. We are asking that all teachers develop a systematic plan for distributing your devices to your students within your classrooms. Additionally, we are also suggesting that you practice the following steps with your student during that time (perhaps advisory):

  1. Get device from bin or cart

  2. Open Chromebook computer

  3. Click on Apps (do not log into chromebooks)

  4. Select AirTestSecure

  5. Click through prompts to access the Test Sign in page

  6. Power down (hold power button until screen goes black and all indicator light turn off on computer)

  7. Place computer back in bin or cart in an orderly way (do not tangle, pull, or disrupt the way the cords are currently organized)

Ultimately, all classroom teachers will be responsible for ensuring devices are distributed and then collected and placed back into the bins/carts properly so that all devices are charging each test day.

Air Testing Computer Distribution Resources:

-Student per Classroom - This provided resource is a map of all testing locations with the number of students that will be in each room (7th grade in black, 8th grade in blue). Please check the number of students for your room to ensure this map is accurate.

-Computer Bin/Cart Breakdown - This provided resource indicates how many computers will be in each specific room and how they will be stored (either by cart, bins, or a combination of both). Please use this resource to verify that you have the correct quantity and specific carts or bins in your classroom when you receive them.

LC Calendar:

We have a lot of requests for the Learning Commons, which is great! To expedite the request process it is helpful for you to look at the LC Calendar prior to sending in a request to see if the space is available during the time(s) you desire its use. We suggest using the “week view” tab in the upper right hand corner for the most efficient way to see if dates and times are available. Remember to make requests through Melissa via email or by stopping by the LC.

Please use

We trust that you are satisfied with the level of tech assistance you receive here at Nagel. Our response times are great partially because Nagel teachers are very good about reporting issues as they arise. Unfortunately many of these services are not properly recorded in our tracking system because teachers and other staff members neglect to send the request through As the district reviews our data we dramatically under report as compared to the other schools. This may result in fewer resources or less assistance when in actuality, we need it. Please be aware that neither Tommy (our new Forward Edge Tech) nor Kyle will be able to complete any tech repair or assistance unless you fill out a service request via email to