Lincoln Bulletin

August 16, 2019

Dates to remember

Monday, August 19-8:40-All School Assembly (Kids enter and will go to the gym immediately.)

Monday, August 26

  • 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. - 4th & 5th Grade Curriculum Night

Wednesday, August 28

  • 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. - Kindergarten & 1st Grade Curriculum Night
  • 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. - 2nd & 3rd Grade Curriculum Night

Thursday, August 29

  • Color Portraits - School pictures taken

Friday, August 30

  • Teacher’s Institute Day - ½ Day (No Students in the afternoon) Dismissal at 11:40 from Elementary Schools.

Monday, September 2

  • Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

Lincoln Bulletin

What a wonderful start to our school year, I have enjoyed seeing everyone back and also welcoming our new students that have joined the Lincoln community. Kids have enjoyed our new playground and Mrs. Cranmer our new LRC Director has been introducing our students to our new LRC through orientations throughout these first few days. We have had many special events recently. I would like to thank our PTO for the Welcome Back Coffee, sponsoring our Family BBQ, and for a great ice cream social last night. There are many opportunities to volunteer at Lincoln through our PTO committees and events. We will include some information and an opportunity to sign up for committees during our curriculum night in a few weeks. We also have the PTO newsletter attached below. We want to get everyone involved and make this a great year, building something awesome together.

Today we had classes rotate through a variety of stations to review and go over our school-wide expectations. This year Lincoln staff has determined that we will have three clear school-wide expectations to guide all of our behaviors across the school. These expectations are referred to currently as 3 Be's-

Be responsible

Be respectful

Be Safe

On Monday we will have a schoolwide assembly to start our morning. When students arrive Monday they will enter through their usual doors at 8:25 and they will go directly into the gym for our first monthly all-school assembly. During this student only assembly, we will review the 3 Be's, talk and learn about our brain, and kick off our year-long theme-"Building something awesome together!" Please ask your son or daughter about this event.

Finally, we are still looking for lunchroom supervisors, if you are interested please see the attached job flyer below and or reach out to Patricia Burton at 331-228-5242 or


Every school year, we have a couple of forms that need to be completed and turned in for each of our students. These forms are:

Required forms:

· Annual Student Registration Update

· D303 Web 2.0 Resources and Student Online Accounts

· 3rd Grade ONLY - Health Survey form

Optional form:

· Volunteer Information and Waiver of Liability

If you have not turned in these forms for your student(s), please return them to the office as soon as possible. You can either stop in the office to complete them or you can click on the links below to print them out and email them back to me:

D303 Returning Students Annual forms

3rd Grade ONLY - Health Survey form

Bus/Transportation Home

Thank you very much for your patience in working out our after school bussing. We are implementing a roll call before students enter the bus, to ensure we have all students on the bus before it leaves Lincoln. This is taking some time at the beginning of the year. Ms. Manuel, our new bus assistant, and our new Lincoln Admin Assistant, Mrs. Fick are doing an excellent job working out the most efficient system for dismissal. The first few weeks are an adjustment time for drivers, kids, and school personnel our top priority is to keep all kids safe.

Thank you also for continuing to communicate any changes in after school transportation through a letter in the morning to the teacher, and our office staff.

Message for Lunch

Good afternoon, as many of you know we have a new lunch provider. The company is Organic Life and I have heard many positives from the students about the food selection. There is one change in drinks provided with lunch orders. When students order lunch they can have juice or milk, water is no longer part of the selections. Water can be purchased for $1, but I am encouraging students to bring refillable water bottles from home. This allows them to have a drink during lunch if they want water, rather than having to go to the drinking fountain outside of the lunchroom.

Information from The Nurse

An important message from your school health office

Every year cases of head lice are found in our community. Anytime children come together, particularly at the start of a school year, the cases of identified head lice rises. In an effort to assist parents and guardians to increase their awareness regarding head lice prevention, detection and treatment we encourage you to reference the Health Services portion of the D303 Website for information regarding the control and management of head lice in our schools.

Anyone can get head lice. Head lice is primarily transmitted through direct head-to-head contact. Lice can also be transmitted from sharing hats, brushes, and other personal items. Transmission in the school setting is rare according to the Center for Disease Control. More commonly, children get head lice from siblings, playmates, and from sharing pillows at pajama parties. Thus, although transmission in schools is rare, identification is often made in the school setting. It is important for parents to know that head lice are a problem in many communities and do not reflect poor hygiene or social status. Most importantly, parents are integral in the prevention and detection of head lice in their children. To prevent the spread of this communicable condition, please check your child(ren) regularly for evidence of lice. If you should discover a case of head lice, please notify your child’s health office as well as their outside activity directors. The nurses in the health office will assist you in caring for this problem by helping you identify a probable case and seek out resources for care.

The district approach to lice management in the school settings is outlined for you on the website previously mentioned. This approach is based on scientific and medical evidence that supports the education process. With regard to preventative treatment, parents are encouraged to seek

guidance from their health care provider prior to using any treatment options. Since mass school screenings do not reduce the incidence of head lice in our settings, such screenings are not conducted in our schools. Research clearly indicates that a "no lice" "no nit" policy for schools hinders academic attendance and performance, while doing little to change the incidence of lice in a school setting. It is important to keep in mind that the life cycle of a louse is 3 to 4 weeks, therefore, by the time live lice are identified in a student, they have had an infestation for many days and they have been in a variety of settings in the community during this timeframe. If a cluster (two or more cases is identified in one classroom over a few weeks period), the health office will send a letter home to parents to notify them of these findings.

Like so many health matters, prevention is key. Teach your child to avoid head to head contact with friends and to avoid the sharing of personal items such as hairbrushes and hats. Those messages are reinforced in the school as well. The nurses in the health office maintain strict confidentiality on all student concerns, and therefore, we are not at liberty to share personal student information on this matter. We thank you in advance for partnering with us to prevent the spread of lice among children and if you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call your building school nurse.

Health Services

Let's Talk Has Launched

St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 has launched a new communication tool that aligns with our strategic commitment to provide opportunities for parents, community members, business leaders, and intergovernmental partners to regularly engage in the activities of schools and students.

Now, when you visit our website (, or any of our school’s sites, you will notice a feature called “Let’s Talk!” highlighted in the bottom left-hand corner of the page. When you click on that button, you will be taken to a screen where you can access hot topics, district departments, and schools. Use those interest areas to submit a question, comment, suggestion, or compliment and we will respond to your message.

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

Feedback Friday-Supply Drop Off, Welcome back BBQ, and Ice Cream Social

Good afternoon, throughout the year I will include brief surveys to gain insight.

This past week and a half has been filled with special various events to build a sense of community at Lincoln. I am including a link for feedback on our first three events. Please take the time to complete this google form and let us know what you think, or ways we can improve the beginning of the year.

Ice Cream Social Photos