Digital Pickers

Picking the Treasure from the Trash - Just for You!


Organize themed resources (found or your own) quickly using Blendspace. Blendspace allows you to easily create canvases with links to videos, documents, websites, and pictures. Use the board as a reference tool for students, or get creative and make assignments, web quests, flipped learning opportunities and more!

Classes can quickly access using a code. Want the students to create? They can do that too!

How Can I Use This in My Classroom?

  • Create a board of tutorials, helpful hints, and extra practice available to students at any time. Post the link on your LMS.
  • Create a Parent Resource Center for your content area, team, or grade level.
  • Differentiate research and final product with student-created story boards.
  • Flip the learning - use a board to guide student learning and do the activity in class.
  • Create a class presentation board - students turn in an assignment that you link or upload to a board. All students can now see what others' did. Give it world relevance by making it a public board.
  • Don't re-create the wheel - search the gallery for Blendspace boards that support what you need.