Colonial Life

Their hard exciting life:Ian Smith


The colonist had a hard life and strict rules especially the winters and how did they survive and had strict,school and were often sick but they survived. The houses were cold and didn't have much in them. The schools were very strict but teach much. They were usually sick because bad medicine and cures. They had a hard life but they survived and succeed.


The pilgrims had a hard time making houses and when they were finished they still did not provide very good shelter. The houses were dull because they had almost nothing in them. The houses were really only one room with a tiny amount of furniture and cold! There were only a few things in the house like a table, beds, a chair and a fire pit. The main place in a house was a fire pit. It provides the only warmth and used to cook and warm things. This is what a colonial house was like.
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In colonial days there meds were not very useful so many died of sickness. Most medicine didn't work, in fact some made you worse! For instance they would draw blood and that usually made them worse. Herbs were the main source of medicine. They would make herd tea and other things if you were sick. Most cures were not to bright. For instance if you had a high fever they would put your toe nail clippings in a bag and tie it around an eels neck and let it die! Some people got sick but some survived it.
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Schools very different. They taught different things then they do, what they looked like, what they taught and there punishments. The schools were only one room and had one fire place were the benches were gathered around. It was like a house because thats what they were. The teachers taught everyone at once and manly taught them how to read and write but spelling was not important. The punishments were cruel! One was that if you misbehaved you would be beaten with a stick another is if you didn't bring firewood you would have to sit in the back and it was cold back there! Though school was hard it was very important.

Concluding paragraph

The colonist were very successful! School was important because they learned how to read and write. They survived with the uncomfortable houses they had! They didn't have good medicine but they survived without it! In fact they survived without half the things we have today! Life was hard but all good things come with a price.