Vote Ramzi L. Kaiache

Together, let's make CASI the most coveted and successful Aeronautics Institute in Quebec.

My vision is simple:

Make CASI-Quebec the biggest Aeronautics institute in Quebec.

My plan is proven:

I plan to expand our footprint through adding Aerospace trainings, workshops and networking events to our current offerings, fitting both professionals' and students' needs. Through my tenure as Vice Chairman CASI-Quebec in 2014, I added MatLAB course to our established Aircraft Design one, and established an additional networking event at McGill university bringing professionals and students together.

My working agenda for 2015 is clear:

- Introduce additional professional and student oriented workshops

- Add variety to training topics, touching propulsion, combustion and thermodynamics

- Expand our highly successful monthly professionals networking event at Hyatt Hotel through advertising to recruiters, developing a perfect venue to match talent with jobs

Education and experience


MBA, McGill University

M.Eng Aerospace, McGill University


Flight Simulation Engineer, Bombardier Aerospace

Reliability Engineering Internship, Rolls Royce Canada

Field Engineer, Schlumberger Oilfield


CASI Quebec Vice Chairman 2013-2014