Coming of Age

Miss Goss English 10

Songs/ Movies


- 7 Years by Lukas Graham " it was a big big world but we thought we were bigger."

- Stressed out by 21 Pilots " turn back time to the good old days." " i was told when i get older that all my fears will shrink."

- I love Kanye by Kanye West " i miss the old Kanye... I hate the new Kanye the Bad mood Kanye."


- Lion King (Disney) - changes and matures from being a little cubs to being a strong leader lion.

- 12 years of slaves - shows how America has changed and grown from where we were with slaves and how we treat others to where we are now.

Events/ Ideas


- Religion: its affects your point of view on how you react to different events in your life.

- Lose: affect how you approach on the subject that is lost.

- Sports/Hobbies: teach you life lessons to help you in the future.