Death and Mourning

By: Bryce Bluitt

Death Ceremonies

Once a family member dies, the family places white paper on or around their front door to indicate that a tragedy has occurred. The family then sends out cards to friends to announce the death. Friends will often bring the family food and money to help pay for the funeral.

Funeral Day

On the day of the funeral, it is traditional for the family to wear white, the color of mourning. They will bow and kneel before the coffin. A group of men will pull or carry the coffin into a long procession that leads to the burial site. After them comes a band, the coffin-bearers and the mourners. Sometimes mourners in the procession walk in front of the coffin backwards to show their grief.

Mourning Period

During mourning families will burn almost anything made of paper including houses made of paper, clothes, models of cars, and money. They believe that the deceased may need these items in the next life. After this period of mourning, the family will hold regular ceremonies to honor their ancestors.

Similarities and Differences

One difference is that the American mourning color is black where in China, the color is White. One similarity is that the families send cards to families and friends to announce the death.