Hahn's Headlines

September 28th, 2015 Edition 1


It's our first Hahn's Headlines Newsletter! I hope you will find these not only informational, but also a quick and easy way to keep up with your child's week and weeks ahead.

Week's Worth of Learning


In Reading and Writing we have been talking and learning a lot about the theme of CHANGE. It has been a HEAVY topic to discuss and the kids have had some quality examples to share.

Memoirs are our first "official" published pieces that we are working toward in writing. We are looking toward the great authors such as Gary Paulsen and Ralph Fletcher to guide our thinking and be our models in reading.


This week we worked on the skill of "trade-first" and "partial-sums" (or as we may remember, adding and subtracting!"). We will continue to add and subtract multi-digit problems next week, and work toward converting measurements with the weeks to come.

Social Studies-

Students have been moved on to Mr. Twedt's Class and are learning about South America; the resources, physical features, and issues and challenges this country may face.


We continue to discuss variables - and how changing one variable at a time can affect the outcome of an experiment


- 20/20 Reading Logs are DUE THURSDAY OCTOBER 1st - parents MUST initial these

- Book Orders are due TUESDAY 9/29 (* online code is HC6CH*)

- Ask your child about their Everyday Math sign in and password, now each child can play at home