Lanham Literature

See the change. Be the change.

We can all be who we want to be. We just have to lower our expectations.

Life is one big gimmick. From the day you are born, you are made to believe that you are in fact, special. That you are as unique as a snow flake and one day you will become somebody who is more important than the other. However, everyone is getting fed this lie. It is up to you to become one of the few and embrace insignificance and expect less from this world.

How this course will help...

When lowering one's expectations, it takes a strong will and stiff heart. You have to not only tell yourself, but be comfortable with things like always having a boss, never getting a pool, finding no 'true' love, making no significant change in the world. Some people may find this difficult. However, all we need to do is focus on nothing important and care less about what others have. This course will include instructors who make you feel things you have never felt in your life; feelings of hopelessness, sheer shame, loss. Upon feelings these things, your expectations will inevitably be lowered subconsciously, and your outlook on life will become more realistic.

Some of our top Instructors:

Guaranteed to make you obtain actual goals and aspirations.

Will this class interfere with my work schedule? The answer is no. Your job is probably one you never dreamed of having when you were six so there's no harm in missing a few days.

How can I sign up?

There is no sign-up for this course. You simply have to become unhappy enough to muster up the energy to get off you couch and come in.

Can I participate if I have diabetes or a peanut allergy?

We will work with anyone around their ailments.

We are Lanham literature

There is no physical address for the Lanham Literature course. It is all in your mind.

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 9pm

Anywhere Worth While