Martin Luther's 95 thesis

by: kamia washington

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Number 4

The consequences for sins will stay long as internal conflict last. That is until we enter the kingdom of heaven

Number 22

God excludes souls in purgatory, not penalty.which means they will be paying for the way they live their lives

Number 36

Any Christian who truly repents has the right to full access of penalty and guilt without indulgences

Number 37

Any real Christian, living or died, can/will participate in all the blessings of Christ and the church even without indulgences

Number 42

Christian should be taught that the pope does not present the buying of indulgences should in any way be compared with the works of mercy

Number 47

Christians should be taught that them buying indulgences is a free choice not a command

Number 62

The treasure of the church is the most important gospel of the glory and the grace of God

Number 64

treasure of indulgences are what men want more, making the least important become first on the list

Numbner 65

the treasure of gospels are now things to catch the men of riches

Number 67

indulgences in the eyes of the priest is the "greatest grace" are known truly as gain.
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