Welcome Back!

Greetings from your Research and Instruction Librarian

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice, relaxing summer. It went by too quickly, but it’s good to see a library full of students again.

Welcome to our new faculty! If you like, I will come to your office or you can stop by the library for a tour or an introduction to our resources.

The library kicked off the new semester with Waterfield Wired during Great Beginnings. We had over 400 new students attend. They could visit many different game stations, mini glow golf, or for the first time a “Dunk the Dean” booth.

Over the summer we implemented the new one-stop search engine. You will find the search box in the middle of our home page. It allows students to search all of our resources faster than the federated search engine that was there previously. They can also quickly limit the search to only the resources they want to search on the left hand side.

This summer the library added several new collections:

  • Project Muse 2013 eBook Collection
  • Springer 2013 eBook Collection
  • JSTOR: Arts and Sciences 8, 9, and 11; Life Sciences
  • Web of Knowledge upgrade

The JSTOR Life Sciences collection and the Web of Knowledge upgrade will be particularly beneficial to the Health Sciences, Human Services and Nursing students.

I have talked with many of you about creating a Library Instruction plan in your areas. We would like to meet with students at least three times before they graduate and build their information literacy skills as they move toward graduation, so they will be better prepared to do research in graduate school or in their careers. Thank you to those who have helped us in the planning. When the semester settles down a bit, I will hopefully get a chance to meet with a few other faculty.

Please feel free to contact me for library instruction or send your students if they need additional help.

Here are the new titles for July: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlOmgsL636NadGdBVFZxTU9RVlExcC1YMUc1b0VaX3c&usp=sharing

Have a great weekend!