Donkey Basketball

Friday, February 27th

Donkey Talk

Come out and watch your friends and teachers ride donkeys!!!!!! We will be having our FIRST ANNUAL MINARETS DONKEY BASKETBALL GAME. We have 20 teachers that will be riding donkeys in tomorrows game and we want YOU to come out and watch them play against the FFA MEMBERS and ALUMNI! Here is the list of Teachers and Alumni. They want YOU to come out and watch them!

Our Teachers and Staff

Shandon Allen ,Denise Alvarez ,Kim Boatman ,Ashley Bourdon, Holly Ciccoletti ,Patti Collins
Ryan Hansen ,Kyle Kamlade ,Mindy Mackey, Chelsea Milliorn ,Perri Potigian, Matt Powers, Gina Samper, Gary Talley, Michael Vaughn, Carrie Waltner, Seth Waltner, Tenaya Wave
Kayla Wood, Bobby Mattes ,Josh Dowell,Reid Hillereman ,Katie Mcdougald

Minarets High School Gym

Don't forget that the first annual Minarets FFA donkey basketball game isTomorrow!!!!!! February 27th! If you have not already purchased tickets for the big game you can buy them at the door! We would love to see everyone come out and join in on the fun! If you have any questions please let us know! Everyone is welcomed an we can't wait to see you all there!!!