Chloe Morgan

About Equestrian

For this sport, you do not need a license or a certificate. The average equestrian would not have to move, just travel to shows, competitions, or rodeos. An equestrian or equine degree, yet you don't have to have a degree, is preferred. The best school for this sport is Alfred University.

Equestrians train at an arena, at stables where the rider's horse is kept. Special training is needed. Riders train many hours a day to keep getting better, and to make sure their horse is healthy and well excersized. They practice new techniques and little things to help them get better and better. Equestrians usually train 5-7 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Equestrian is very dangerous. Riders take the risk of this sport. They can get seriously injured, or even killed. The average pay for equestrians is $51,585. Aside from training a lot, riders still have time for their own personal hobbies, activities, etc.

Riders have very strong legs and arms, to control their horse and not fall off. People love that you can have an unbreakable bond with your horse. What people don't like is that riders can be badly hurt. There are no physical requirements for this sport, even if you have a condition. You would just need special equipment.

Corinth Bay Ranch

This is Lena Bonquista. She is my riding instructor, and is teaching me new things every Tuesday. I am having very much fun with her. She is probably the best teacher i could ask for. Caroline and I ride together every Tuesday. We learn to ride Western, English, and I have even done a little vaulting. The horse that I ride is a Arab/Appaloosa mix mare, named Magic. My brother rides a chincoteague pony, named Poinsettia. Last but not least, Caroline rides an old quarter horse mare, named Rose.