The Well

Presentation By Xaiver Good-ridge: By Milidred-D-Taylor


The setting is back in times right after slavery were the blacks were treated wrong in Mississippi. There's this Logan family and the Ma has two children Hammer and David this story is based on David's diary. Hammer has an anger problem in his brother David is on crouches from last summer he fell out a tree in broke is foot. I don't think it was happy for Black people in those times because before that they were slaves in got beaten in now they're getting segregated in treated wrong. In it was about summer time.


There's this family named the Logan's and their was a dry out with everybody's well except for there well, so Ma was so generous with letting Black and White people but Ma Rachel, And Hammer weren't find with it in Charlie Simms in he starts talking. A bunch of stuff and after that Hammer and David went to the lake so there's cows can get water and Charlie asked hammer to help him lift this wagon and David said he can't hold it for long. Charlie got mad in pushed him down in Hammer came in knocked Charlie out. At home David told the story and Ma sent Hammer and Halton to Hammer's Pa preying rock. The Simms come up living about who knocked who out and Old Mr. McCalister Sims order for Hammer and David both beaten, Ma didn't do it but Hammer and David had to work for them and the Simms pulled a mean trick on them so Hammer and David stop working for them and theSimms said they'll get them back and they put dead animal pieces in the well, and everybody was lined up to get water and everyone found out it was the Simms who damage the water so they had to go in the well get the dead animal pieces and they got whooped by they Pa in front of everyone. Now there was no water for the rest of the summer, but the next summer there was a dry out again in the well water was fresh and new so everyone can get water again.