COVID-19 Update 3/9/20


Good Afternoon, Families!

I wanted to provide you some updates regarding the Corona Virus:

  • I spoke with the parent this morning who had direct contact with positive cases through her work on 2/27 and then volunteered at our school in Ms. Raquel's kindergarten class on 2/28. She still has NO SYMPTOMS of the virus and therefore has not been tested, as is the protocol.
  • Mass protocol has changed due to the virus: no holding hands, no shaking hands, no wine, no holy water.
  • The school did extensive cleaning this past weekend throughout the entire school.
  • Mrs. Farias, Ms. Nina, and I took part in a webinar with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Dept today regarding the Corona Virus (COVID-19). They provided answers and information to a lot of questions/concerns. They will be holding webinars at least weekly from here on out, but will be more frequent if the need arises.
  • Today, we had 32 out of 190 students absent. Some were due to caution/concern/prevention and some were actually sick. This is a 16% absent rate, but not all of those were due to actual illness.
  • We will continue to monitor the number/percentage of students who are ill, so PLEASE email or call us to let us know WHY your child is out of school.


  • If your child has a fever, s/he MUST NOT COME TO SCHOOL and CANNOT return to school for 3 days (72 hours) AFTER the fever is gone (this does not mean that it temporarily subsides due to a fever reducer).
  • If your child has a fever, goes to the doctor, and is tested for the Corona Virus (or anything else), please let us know of any test results that are pertinent.
  • Reminder: The symptoms for the Corona Virus are: Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath
  • You can sign up for updates from the health dept at They will post updates at 2 pm daily. You can also contact them directly with questions at: 253-798-6500
  • The school will ONLY CLOSE if it has a confirmed case of COVID-19 in close contact. The usual recommendation is to close for 2-5 days, depending on the circumstances.
  • If you are keeping your child home for several days due to a concern of an immune-compromised family member, please let the teacher and office know and the teacher will send materials home for you to work on so they don't get behind.
  • There will be no field trips until further notice, in support of "social distancing" as recommended by the health dept.

Please help us continue to keep our campus safe for our staff, students, and families. If your child exhibits ANY symptoms, please keep him/her home. Remember, your child must be fever-free for 72 hours, not 24 hours, before returning to school.

Thank you,

Katie Dempsey