John Brown's Raid

Tuesday, November 13

Who is John Brown?

Biography -

John Brown was born into a very religious family in Connecticut in the 1800's. Growing up his family were entirely against slavery. When Brown was old enough to support himself he began supporting many causes he believed in.

  • John and his wife raised a black child as one of their own.
  • He was very active in the underground railroad
  • worked to establish the gileadites, a group the tried to protect escaped slaves from salve catchers.

Civil War Effect -

Later on in life John led a group of 21 men to raid the Federal Arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia. With the weapons Brown and his men gathered, they were going to give them to their slaves they were protecting. This plan failed and most of browns men were either killed or captured by militiamen, local farmers and the marines. The raid was over within 36 hours. Later on Brown and a few of his men were hung for trying to lead a slave rebellion.