Wildlife Technician

by Jamie Mishue


To be a Wildlife Technician you need an associate's degree in biology, wildlife management or something other related field. You could get your bachelors degree so you can do something more complicated or a more long term job.


WIldlife internships help people practice skills to help them for a position in that field.


It helps to enjoy sciences, math and computers and to be comfortable when handling animals. Another thing that might help would be able to work independently or as a team. You need physical strength and stamina. You need to be able to liif up to 50 pounds and work in hot or cold conditions.

Starting Pay Range

The starting pay range would be $34,100.

Daily Routine

As a Wildlife Technician you would be tracking animals and educating people. Also you could lead people on tours in areas of wildlife. Wildlife technicians gather information by land, sea, and air. Something wildlife technicians do is look at animals in their habits to see if they can spot any problems. A Wildlife Technician can work in a laboratory or in the field.
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