Callie's All About Me Project

All About me

I am back from Belize

Belize is a beautiful country! Everywhere you look there is something beautiful, wether it is the sandy white beaches or the green rainforest. I lived there because my parents were doing missions work, and I went to school there and made good friends.

I like to read, a lot

I love to read. A book that I am reading currently is called Where The Red Fern Grows. It is a very good book. If you like adventure this is the book for you. Reading is awesome and it is my second favorite subject.

my favorite hobbies are


I love nature. It is so nice to just go into the woods or to the beach and enjoy the beautiful nature that is out there.


I just love legos! It is so fun to build things on your own, but it is also fun to build from the instructions. I have a lego friends set that I break down so I can rebuild it over and over again!