McClay Hartsfield

Ceramics 1


In this piece of artwork I used the slab technique to create a piece that is similar to tree bark. For me, it was my first piece, and I was very nervous about it. I really loved doing this piece, because it was very challenging to do. The hardest part for me was doing the bark, and when I finally accomplished it I was very proud of my self. I am very excited to continue doing ceramics and I am proud to call this my first piece I have ever made.
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At It's Finest

For this piece, I again used the slab technique to make a 1930's elegant cup. For me, this was definetly really challenging, because I had never done anything like this before. It took about a week to even think of the perfect design, and even then I was still unsure about htis piece. However, at the end I think I made a great decision. At the end of this piece, I learned that it always good to go back to the past, and it even helped with some designing techniques. There is nothing else that I would change, and I am proud to have this in my portfolio.
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In this piece, a man is being tied to a post. That is very obvious, however I think the artist was going for a more abstract theme than what is shown in the outside. The artist, is very known for his skill in metal such as copper. I think the artist did a great job with shape, texture, and balance. I think he is very successful, and i think he did an amazing job.
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I really can't identify this piece of artwork, because of how abstract it is. In this piece I definitely see a smooth texure on the bottom, and on the top it looks kind of bumpy. In this piece, there is balance, and shape( the piece doesnt look like it is going to fall over.) John Deweese is definitely known for his pottery, and is a current artist still discovering new forms of pots. I believe this piece is also very successful, becase he did a great job with shape and balance.
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