Save yourself!

Build your own bomb shelter, and live through the war!

Before you build a bomb shelter

  1. Think about what kind of a shelter you want to build. Do you want to have the highest RPF (Radiation Protection Factor, which is how much radiation is reduced. Ex: RPF 100 means that a person would receive 100 times less radiation than a person completely unprotected), or are you going to strive for a high blast protection? Think about where you live and consider which you need the most. Remember: this decision will either kill you or keep you alive.
  2. Write down the instructions for the shelter you want to make and cross out each step when completed. If this shelter does not satisfy your needs, there are instructions for many more out there. Probably

Pole covered trench shelter.

The idea of this is to dig a trench, then place poles/logs on top of it and finish the combination with some soil/earth on the top. This will provide you with a decent shelter which is theoretically very simple although it will take several days of labor intensive digging. Below are the instructions for building one. Maybe. Probably. Most likely. It will be down there.

  1. Gather the tools which include shovels and saws. Maybe.
  2. Assign different tasks to different individuals according to their strengths and weaknesses. A good idea may be to have half of the group dig while the other half gathers the poles/logs. Maybe.
  3. Choose an area that has no flammable material around it. When a nuclear weapon detonates, it creates a thermal pulse which can set things 20 miles (32 km) away on fire. If you don't have a choice, at least buy a fire extinguisher and clear the area around your shelter to the best of your abilities. Probably.
  4. When digging, pile up the soil at least five feet away from the trench. Do it.
  5. Dig the trench as deep as you want to, (maybe) but remember that the deeper it is, the more room you have and it may improve blast protection. Please
  6. When finished digging, place the logs/poles on top of the trench. Make sure to cut the logs AT LEAST 1 foot (0.3 m) wider than the trench! DO IT!
  7. Now that you have the logs on top of the trench, MAKE SURE TO cover any cracks with for example cloth or leaves. Pwease.
  8. When you are absolutely positive that there is no way for the dirt to get into the living space, place the soil you dug out on the logs, so that the layer of earth is at least 18 inches high. If you want to increase RPF, make a higher layer. I think.
  9. Build a toilet of some kind on a space separated from the rest of the shelter with at least a blanket or a cloth of some kind. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Make beds of some kind. If you are running out of time, a couple of inches high layer of leaves/pine needles etc will be fairly enough. If your skills permit, make a bunk bed. The easiest solution would be to bring some extra blankets and make a "bed" out of two blankets on top of another. Just do it.
  11. Have 2 exits.

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