Walk Two Moons

BY - Sharon Creech


When Salamanca Tree Hiddle sets out on a journey to find her missing mother, she tells the story of Phoebe Winterbottom to her grandparents. As Salamanca tells the story of Phoebe Salamanca realizes that Phoebe and her story are connected. The journey to find her mother shows Salamanca what she was looking for the whole time. The book is full of heartbreaks, memories, fun, and bittersweet moments.

Thesis Sentence-

Characters in the novel misjudge people because they fail to "walk two moons in their moccasins"; these judgments are later proven wrong.


Mrs.Cadaver is often misjudged because of her peculiar actions and crazy red curly hair. Mrs.Cadaver is Phoebe Winterbottom's peculiar neighbor and Phoebe is convinced that Mrs.Cadaver killed her husband and chopped him into pieces. As Phoebe states on page 32-"I have seen her chop down trees and lug the remains clear across her backyard. Do you think what I think? I think maybe she killed Mr.Cadaver and chopped him up and buried him in the backyard."Later the truth was revealed on pg.218 when Mr.Birkway said, "Mrs. Cadaver's husband died when a drunk driver rammed into his car." Mrs.Cadaver was often misjudged because Phoebe and Sal failed to walk two moons in her moccasins."

Mike Bickle (lunatic)

First impressions aren't always right. Phoebe labels Mike as a lunatic when he comes to her front door for the first time. Phoebe stereotypes every stranger as a lunatic and this causes much confusion and misjudgments of Mike Bickle. On page 52 Phoebe was all freaked out because she was getting creepy letters and she thought they were coming from the potential lunatic. But later revealed on page 250, Mrs Partridge placed a white envelope the steps that contained the letter "Don't Judge a Man Until You have Walked Two Moons in his Moccasins. Also on pg 43 Phoebe says, "Sal, do you detect any signs of lunacy ? There doesn't appear to be any place he could be hiding a gun?" But later on pg 248 Phoebe's mom Reveals that Mike Bickle is her son.


Mrs Winterbottom is very often misjudged because of her curious mannerisms and actions. Both Phoebe and Sal judged Mrs.Wintterbottom. Sal judges Mrs.Winterbottoms curious actions and manors at the dinner table. Mrs.Winterbottom was extremely polite to everyone saying, "Yes Norma and Yes George." Later Mrs. Winterbottom said, "Mr Winterbottom would never forgive me but I was tired of being so respectable. I had tried very very hard to be perfect but I have to admit I was quite imperfect." Phoebe judges her mom on page 240 because of her actions. Phoebe said, "Did you notice her hair? She cut it. Its short. And do you know what else she did in the middle of talking she leaned over and spit on the grass....SPIT!" But later to reveal " Mrs Winterbottom says I've lived such a tiny life" Which meant that she no longer wanted to hold back the real her. She did not live an authentic life.


When Phoebe and Sal judged people it backfired and they failed to walk two moons in their moccasins. When people judge other people they have not lived their stories and don't give other's a chance to prove themselves. When Phoebe and Sal judge other characters in the book, they don't get a chance to experience the real them. Phoebe and Sal along the way learn the importance of not jumping to conclusions without knowing people's stories.